All you can eat cake in Tokyo – Sweets Paradise

Don’t know in your country but in Italy “All-you-can-eat” is usually equivalent for “average to crappy international cuisine”. It is quite difficult to find a good quality all-you-can-eat and even more to find an all you can eat with a unique menu as they all offer more or less the same options. It goes without saying that, considering my previous experiences, I was totally surprised when I heard about all-you-can-eat-cakes! Yes, cakes! Limitless cakes.

Have you ever thought you could have lunch or dinner with sweets only? Are you eternally dithering when it comes to choosing the dessert at the end of your meal? Well, no need to choose anymore, you can have them all!

The place to go to is Sweets Paradise in Tokyo, there are restaurants in Harajuku, Shinkuku, Ikebukuro, Ebisu and Tokyo Bay. I went to the one in Harajuku located on the Third Floor of SoLaDo building in Takeshita Street.

At the entrance of the restaurant there is a ticket vending machine where you can choose one of the various types of tickets available. Check the price, insert the money and press the button to get your ticket. The restaurant staff will then accommodate you at your table.

The main thing you need to pay attention to when buying your ticket is to choose the right one between adult (大人) and child (小人), kids under 3 years old can enjoy cakes for free if they are together with a paying adult.

With the exception of the first raw where there are sometimes special menus produced in collaboration with idol groups the main difference between the less expensive tickets and the the more pricey ones is ice cream, the basic ticket on the third raw gives you access to all the cakes, savory snacks and flavored waters, if you pay a bit more, the other ticket on the third raw, you can add ice cream to your sugars overdose. Both these tickets allow you to stay in the restaurant for 80 minutes.

On the second raw you can find two special options. On the left there is a 100 minute ticket which allows you to eat everything available except ice cream. The other one is a 70 minute ticket available after 3 PM and valid until closing time, this one also does not include ice cream.

The choice of cakes is almost limitless, there is chocolate cake, shortcake, cheesecake, tart, and seasonal cakes including fruits in season or cakes made for specials events such as Halloween and Christmas. You can try them all or have more slices of your favorite, up to you!

You probably don’t believe it but at a certain point you will be sick of cakes and sweets and you will crave for something savory and a bit more healthy, Sweets Paradise has you covered. Next to the cakes you will find pasta, a salad bar and an old style pop corn machine. Included there is also a choice of flavored waters and coffee.

Sweets Paradise is an experience I recommend to all the cake lovers, the choice of cakes is vast and the quality is good, also, if you consider the average price in Tokyo for a single piece of cake, it is also a bargain!

If you are not in Tokyo and you would like to dig into cakes don’t worry, there are Sweet Paradise chain restaurants also in Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and more!

Disclaimer: this is my honest opinion about the restaurant, I have not been paid or offered anything to write the above opinion.

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