Hello and welcome to my website! o(^ω^o) I started this blog when I was in a long-distance relation with my Japanese boyfriend. We have finally married in December 2016. I have moved to Japan and after living in Tokyo for 5 years and welcoming 2 children we are finally back to Kyoto, my husband’s hometown.

Kyoto is full of history, traditions, hidden gems and local food to enjoy.

In 2023 I am launching my tour services to take you around Kyoto with me! Can’t wait to take you to the small shrines on the Philosopher’s Phat and Arashiyama bamboo forest! Also, can’t wait to take you to traditional restaurants only locals know about and let you have a taste of the real Kyoto flavors!

Contact me to start planning your private tour and make it a perfect day in Kyoto!

Drop me an email here: [email protected]

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