Kawaii Donuts and Childhood Memories

Until a few years ago donuts were not popular at all in Italy, I only knew they existed because they were Homer Simpson’s favorite food and I had the chance to taste them for the first time when I visited San Francisco during High School. Actually until a short time ago I though they could only be found in the United States.


These days they are easier to find also in Italy but I have never seen anywhere in Europe the large variety that can be found in Japan. There are store chains selling only donuts and lots of cafes offering their customers donuts that are simply too cute to eat!

My last discovery on the topic has been the Tamagotchi store in Harajuku. First of all, yes, there is still a Tamagotchi store in Japan. Tamagotchi was really big in Europe until almost fifteen years ago but then it suddenly disappeared so when my friend told me about the store I simply could not believe it. In Europe even the website is not active anymore. I had to go and check it out!


The store actually exists and it is nice and colorful, it sells mostly gadgets like plushies, stickers and stationery but there are also some Tamagotchi for sale for the nostalgic fans.

What cough my attention was anyway the donuts! Yes, Tamagotchi donuts! I obviously had to buy them. They made the perfect breakfast for me and my boyfriend the morning after!

If you visit Harajuku don’t miss out!

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