The Blue Books Cafe – Tokyo

Jiyugaoka in Tokyo is one of our favorite neighborhoods when it comes to have a walk on Sunday afternoon. The first time my boyfriend brought me to Jiyugaoka we discovered by chance the Blue Books Cafe.

It can be difficult to find because the stairs that bring to the basement, where there is the entrance, might go unnoticed.


The Blue Books Cafe is in the basement of a building so it does not have any windows but I noticed it only once at home when looking at the pictures because the atmosphere is absolutely pleasant.


Once we took the stairs and entered the sophisticated location the first thing I noticed where the book shelves filled with photo journals, fashion books and architectural essays. The place is furnished with a retro chic style using vintage tables, chairs and soft armchairs. The are also a couple of secluded tables if you are looking for a bit of privacy.


The Blue Books Cafe opens at 11.30 and many go there for lunch. In the menù you can find pasta, salads, burgers and soups for a price range of 1.200 – 1.800 yen.

During the afternoon I suggest stopping by for a cake, especially the mont blanc cake, which is very famous all around Jiyugaoka, and a good espresso coffee.




The Blue Books Cafe is also famous for live music, especially jazz, on Thursday evening.

Check the Blue Books Cafe Website for the latest news on what is about to happen on stage and have a look at the menù.

Address: 〒152-0035 Tokyo, Meguro,自由が丘2-9-15,ユレカビル B1F

Access: 5 minutes from Jiyugaoka Station

Opening ours: 11.30 – 23.00

Prices: ¥1200 – ¥1800

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