A very Japanese coffee

Once I heard that everything that can be sold in the world can be found in Tokyo. I think it was some advertising about the incredible amount of shops, shopping districts and department stores in Tokyo where you can buy any sort of things.

Despite knowing very well that almost everything can be found in Tokyo I still have difficulties when it come to my cravings for a good Italian cappuccino.

Did you know Italy is one of the very few countries in the world where you cannot find Starbucks or similar coffee stores? Coffee in Italy is a sort of religion, it has to be done in a certain way, served in a special shaped cup and, while you can have coffee anytime during the day, cappuccino is accepted only for breakfast. If you want to shock an Italian go ahead and order a cappuccino during your lunch.


My brain still associates Japan, and also Tokyo, to tea rather than coffee, but I have found some interesting places where the coffee is good and the atmosphere warm and welcoming.

One of my findings is Streamer Coffee Company. It is hidden in the back streets of Shibuya where there are also other coffee gems ready to be discovered.


The atmosphere reminds me of the Pacific coast and you would imagine skaters or surfers coming inside the shop every moment. The furniture is cozy and stylish and lets me think about a easygoing students house. The shop is rather small and narrow and it can become very crowded since I am not the only one who appreciates their cappuccino. Served in the right cup and  with a pleasant taste it also comes with beautiful drawings made on the foamy surface.


I ran inside this place almost by chance, it was late afternoon and it was cold and rainy. The kind of weather that makes you think about curling up in a warm place. I knew, instructed by friend, that the back streets of Shibuya offer interesting places where to seek refuge an indulge for a while.


Later I also found out that they provide their coffee and cappuccino also to take away, perfect if you are in a hurry but still want a good coffee or simply if you like to sip your coffee while walking to next appointment in fabulous Tokyo.


You might find me here sometimes curled on my computer writing a new post, editing, choosing pictures and answering mails. See you there!

Cheers from Ichigo Soda o(*>ω<*)o

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