Straw Hat Cafè – The Ghibli Museum Cafè

The one’s who know about Japanese animation, and even those who don’t, have heard at least once about Studio Ghibli. Many of you know very well that in a district of Tokyo called Mitaka there is the museum dedicated to the animated creations of this legendary studio.
What you may not know is that inside the museum there is one of the most delicious coffee shops that you can visit. A wooden structure with red large windows and a lovely atmosphereIt is exclusive to visitors to the museum because it is not accessible if not coming directly from the garden of the museum.

The museum opens at 10:00  am and the cafe at 11.00 am, at 11.10 there is already a line so if you want to go for lunch calculate at least half an hour of waiting. Waiting space is sheltered and you can sit on the beautiful and comfortable chairs arranged around baskets of children’s books you can browse and, if you study Japanese, take the satisfaction of reading. While you wait you can start taking a look at the menu, available in both English and Japanesethe staff of the cafeteria will give it to you.

The staff, as always in Japan, is very polite and, as often in Japan, doesn’t speak much English. Your waiting time will be rewarded immediately upon entering the cafeteria. There are a few tables and they are well spaced, some tables are large and it may happen to share your table with other customers, staff, however, will have the foresight to leave a empty chair between you and the other customers to let you have a little privacy and let you accommodate your stuff on the chair instead that on the ground.


In the menu there are three or four main dishes to choose from, usually a Japanese omelet stuffed with rice, pasta and sandwiches plus one or two soups. Among the desserts, cheesecake, fruit pies and various cups of ice cream and cream. The ingredients are all organic and the menu varies a bit with the seasons.


I found the presentation of the dishes very cute, each customer was taking pictures. Also the dishes are decorated with motifs and characters from the movies and, in addition to the presentation, even the taste is really good. Do not miss this place during your next trip to Japan!


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