Eating Soba in Nagano

Soba, alongside with udon and ramen, is the most famous kind of noodles in Japan and Nagano means soba.


Soba is made of buckwheat and Nagano has been historically the place where the largest amount of buckwheat was harvested even though today this record is owned by Hokkaido.


In ancient times buckwheat was eaten in different forms, dumplings and crackers mainly, the pasta version was born in Nagano during the Edo period and initially known as kiri-soba. This is why it is said that the most traditional soba can be eaten in Nagano prefecture.


In Nagano soba is hand-made and buckwheat mixed with the pure waters of the mountains creates an incredible taste. Soba is served cold or hot often together with tempura in tiny restaurants which make me think of a past time fast food.

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