Okinawa Tropical Fruits

Okinawa is the most southern prefecture of Japan, more than 600 kilometers from the main islands and a 2 hours flight from Tokyo.

Okinawa is a tropical paradise but we did not expect such a rich nature and, especially I, did not know about the incredible and delicious food you can taste in Okinawa.

My boyfriend was much more informed and he had already a list of things he wanted to taste, fruits were on top of the list.

Taste: lovely, juicy and sweet. Couldn’t have enough!


Dragon Fruit
Taste: not too sweet and with crispy little seeds.


Star fruit
Taste: strange taste, a little sour.


Ryutou tangerine
Taste: sweet and sour taste, very refreshing.

ryutou_tangerineAnd finally the great surprise: Atemoya, by far my favorite. It is a hybrid fruit created in the United States and very popular in Taiwan.

atamoyaTaste: solid texture but juicy at the same time and taste absolutely unique.
Okinawa is also famous for its juicy pineapple and sweet mango. Don’t miss out!


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