Hama Cafè – Yokohama

My favorite cafe in Yokohama is called Hama Cafe and it is located on the avenue leading to the cruise terminal, on the left side of the street if you are walking towards the terminal.
The small wooden white door  is likely to go unnoticed but keep your eyes open and you will surely find the entrance under the red awning


The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, the menu is very rich and includes, in addition to various types of coffee and tea, also some interesting proposals for lunch and drinks for the aperitif in the evening.
I love the great attention to detail, small items, fun pictures in the middle of the menu, a blanket on each chair.

In addition to the pleasant atmosphere there is an excellent coffee and sugar sachets made in Italy. A stunning fusion of Italian style and Japanese host.


In other words a special little place to pamper yourself a bit.

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