My favorite burger in Japan

Lately I developed a taste for avocado. I probably have a thing with green stuff since I am also literally addicted to everything matcha, matcha latte, matcha sweets, matcha kit kats. I also realized that every time I go out to eat sushi I keep on adding more and more wasabi. Tastes great, especially with salmon.

Back to the main point I found out that avocado gets along pretty well with hamburgers and, lucky girl I am, many fast foods in Japan have come to the same conclusion.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not properly a loyal customer of fast foods but sometimes my cravings for avocado burgers go beyond my principles. I am weak, you already know that.

I am weak and I am missing the main point again. Back to my favorite burger in Japan, you already know that avocado is the fundamental ingredient so now it is time to reveal the winner.

3° Position: MOS Burger


MOS Burger is taking away McDonald’s place in the hearts of the Japanese and also in their stomach. I love especially the light bread, the simple and clean atmosphere of the restaurants and the balance of flavors in their burgers.

2° Position: Kua Aina


Kua Aina is originally from Hawaii and it has opened many stores in Japan. Their hamburgers are filled with lots of ingredients and their avocado burger is rich and delicious. The atmosphere is also pleasant and reminds of Hawaii with wooden floor and decor such as flowers and surfboards. I don’t put Kua Aina on the first step of the podium because the prices are more of a Restaurant rather than of a fast food chain.

There is one hamburger with the same richness in ingredients, slightly smaller but definitively cheaper.

1° Position: Freshness Burger


The ingredients are fresh indeed and the place reminds me of an old american burger place. The burgers are made on order and you can add as much sauce as you like choosing from the ones available. Hamburgers are served in simple baskets and also the side dishes are excellent, fries are crispy, onion rings tasty. Most of their ingredients are made in Japan like the potatoes coming from Hokkaido and, last but not least, they have free Wi-Fi for their customers. There are now 170 stores so it is not difficult to find a Freshness Burger, try it when in Japan and let me know if it has become also your favorite!

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