Kyoto Day Tour Fushimi Inari and Higashiyama

There are so many beautiful sights in Kyoto that it is really hard to choose but, if you only have one day, my suggestion is to visit the places that will give you at least a glimpse of Kyoto atmosphere.

During this tour I will take you to the famous sightseen sites of Fushimi Inari and the magnificent Kyomizudera Temple, along the way you will have a chance to see a five store pagoda, a small colorful shrine and the street that has been named “the most beautiful street in Asia”.

Fushimi Inari

Depending on the position of your hotel I can pick you up from your hotel at 9.00 or we can meet at Kyoto station. A 20 minutes ride will take us to Fushimi Inari, one of the most memorable sights in Kyoto and climb halfway the mountain called Inari san up to Shin-Ike pond.

Yasaka Shrine

We will then take a bus to Yasaka Shrine and have lunch in a traditional restaurant serving obanzai, Kyoto home food. Cheap, filling and of course delicious.

Soba and Tempura

Starting from Yasaka we will walk to Kyomizudera going through the old narrow streets of Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka once full of ceramic shops, restaurants and tea houses for pilgrims.


At the end of the tour we will visit Gion, the geisha district, and Pontocho where I will give you some tips about dinner.


Our tour will finish around 5.00 pm, keep your eyes open because this is also the time around which geisha start to reach their costumers in the tea houses and one might cross paths with you.

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More details about the Tour

Tour starts at 9.00 am from Kyoto JR Station or from your hotel (depends on hotel location) and lasts 8 hours ending at 5.00 pm in Pontocho. I will explain you how to go back to your hotel before leaving you.

Price is 35000 yen to be paid cash when we meet in the morning or in advance using PayPal.

The tour is for max 6 people, the price is per tour not per person so if you are 2 or 6 the price does not change.

The price does not include entrance fees for shrines, temples and gardens for yourself and the guide, transportation costs for yourself and lunch for yourself and the guide.

Transportation expenses for the guide are included in the price.

The tour is private, it will be only you and your group.

If you book more than one day a discounted price will be offered for the second and third day.

Please let me know in advance if you have any special circumstance, for example if you are travelling with children, if you plan to use a stroller, if you prefer to limit the walking part or if you have food allergies. I can create a more personalized tour for you and make it an unforgettable day in Kyoto.

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