Ode to UNIQLO T-shirts

I am definitely not a fashionista. I prefer simple clothing, essential lines, not so many colors and a simple style. I’d rather play with accessories than wearing elaborate clothes so UNIQLO is the perfect brand for me.

UNIQLO is a Japanese retailer that is recently spreading and opening new stores not only in Asia but also in Europe and in the United States. Their concept is that everybody should be able to create their style so they offer simple styles in many colors which can be combined by the customer.

There are many stores in Japan, some are inside shopping centers and usually have at least a couple of floors and there are also many stores on the main streets with a very convenient free parking service. All the stores are clean to the extreme, every time a customer leaves the changing room the staff will clean it before letting in the next customer. Last but not least they offer tax free service in Japan, you just have to show your passport to avoid paying the 8% consumer tax.

I am huge fan of their sweaters but my number one favorites are the graphic T-shirts.


UNIQLO T-shirts are made of good quality cotton and come at a reasonable price, not super low but the right price for the quality. What is fantastic though is not only the quality but the design. The design changes often and UNIQLO collaborates with famous characters like Snoopy or Hello Kitty, famous designers and also emerging designers.

I went to UNIQLO by chance last week. I was on a Sunday trip with my boyfriend and choose the wrong outfit. It was really hot and I was wearing a sweater so we decided to go to UNIQLO to buy a T-shirt. I ended up buying three and I had to hold myself.

These are the ones I bought:


I literally fell in love with the  collection created with Haibara. Haibara is a still existing stationery shop in Nihonbashi. It was established in 1806 and it produces high quality paper with classic Japanese designs that have been reproduced on UNIQLO T-shirts.

haibara_stationery haibara_uniqlo_3

Check  the current collections here and if you are in Japan go and get one T-shirt!

Disclaimer: in case you are wondering I am writing this article out of my honest opinion and not because I have been asked to.

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