Nara, parade for Todaiji founder

I am such a lucky girl. I confess I didn’t know about this event taking place in Nara every year on the 2nd of May. I just went to Nara for a trip and there it was! Also I was so lucky that I arrived when it had just started.


The event I am talking about takes place in Todai-ji and it is the memorial ceremony for Emperor Shomu who was the founder of the temple.


Todai-ji was founded by Emperor Shomu in 745 and it took 15 years to build it. When it was built the Main Hall was even bigger than the one we can se today. It was rebuilt several times due to natural disasters or fire and now it is 2/3 of the size it was originally but it is still the largest wooden structure in the world.

The procession involves more than 300 people dressed in traditional costumes and accompanied by bugaku music. A must see!

Not convinced yet? Well maybe then I should also mention that the event is accompanied by lot of street food stalls selling delicious snacks such as karaage, takoyaki, yakitori, taiyaki and much more!


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